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We are excited that you are taking a look at Northern Kentucky University’s office of Graduate Education. Our office of Graduate Education is rooted in application and offer you the opportunity to build advanced competencies designed to accelerate your professional development. NKU’s programs combine the best course curricula and distinguished professors with personal attention and support. Our programs are built upon rich and purposeful learning communities that offer both face to face and virtual interaction.

NKU’s Office of Graduate Education emphasize both academic and professional skills. Our undergirding academic skills include communication and critical thinking, and data informed decision making. In addition, each of our programs uses applied learning strategies such as case studies and scenario analysis to enhance career preparation. These multiple approaches to learning strengthen our graduates and clearly demonstrate to employers our students’ readiness to assume high level professional positions and responsibilities.

NKU’s programs are built to foster student interaction, discussion, and group work. On-line tools and social media provide important ways of meeting these needs. In addition, NKU offers a rich on campus environment that stresses regional interaction and engagement. Through projects, theses, and service learning, many of NKU’s graduate students engage in meaningful and deep connections to the larger community. NKU also offers state of the art resources and extensive collections via its Steely Library. NKU’s Burkhart Center provides students assistance with data collection and analysis. These services are designed to support each student’s course work and scholarship.

Graduate school represents an important step in your professional growth and development. Today, there are more choices than ever before in graduate education. As you explore NKU, you will see that NKU offers an excellent return on your professional development investment. We do not build our programs and hope you will come. Instead we start with your voice and the voice of employers, then design programs that are built to last and provide you with life-long personal and professional value.

I am pleased you are taking a look at NKU and hope you will choose to become a part of the NKU office of Graduate Education family.

Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh

Vice Provost, Graduate Education, Research, and Outreach
Northern Kentucky University
425 University Center
Highland Heights, KY 41099


Phone: (859) 572-7567

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